Fact Sheet

About S2M:
S2M is the leading provider of mobile multimedia to consumers throughout the Middle East and North Africa, offering entertainment savvy consumers access to interactive television and radio on the go. S2M packages superior media content, deliver it via a hybrid satellite-terrestrial network, and offer consumers access to high-quality live broadcasts of video and audio programs. S2M's media content is available via various mobile devices – including mobile phones, portable media players, and in-car media devices – allowing consumers to watch and interact with their favorite shows on the go.

S2M's Technology:
As a pioneer at the forefront of developing new technology, S2M offers the most advanced and proven system – a combined satellite and terrestrial platform. The company's state-of-the-art hybrid satellite-terrestrial platform includes an S-band geostationary satellite operating in conjunction with a terrestrial repeater network. Such a platform provides for ubiquitous coverage while offering the ability to share costs between many countries and delivers:

  • High-quality video and audio broadcasts to mobile devices regardless of the number of simultaneous viewers
  • Cost-effective urban and rural, indoor, outdoor and in-car coverage
  • The most seamless viewing experience throughout the Middle East and North Africa

Competitive Advantage:
S2M delivers maximum customer value through superior media content and user experience. Their customers enjoy the best in mobile entertainment via video and audio channels that offer a broad choice of high-quality programming and popular television shows. S2M is committed to:

  • Offering affordable and high quality video and audio broadcasts
  • Providing superior and interactive content on a wide choice of channels
  • Delivering content on a wide variety of devices
  • Ensuring ubiquitous coverage throughout the Middle East and North Africa

As a trusted and reliable partner to mobile operators, content providers and device manufacturers, S2M provides sustainable long term viability, honesty, openness and a valued platform. S2M invests resources heavily so that their partners don't have to, and is dedicated to working hard on distribution, network and content. Benefits for S2M's current and future partners include:

  • Mobile Operators – S2M offers the opportunity for mobile network operators to provide a differentiated service to their customers. The company's hybrid satellite-terrestrial platform delivers the highest quality video and audio broadcasts and provides the widest coverage at the most efficient economic model for mobile operators.
  • Content Providers – S2M offers the widest reach for content providers who seek to create a direct personal connection to customers through the most personal audio-visual device.
  • Device Manufactures – S2M offers device manufactures the opportunity to respond to the growing customer demand for mobile entertainment by aligning with the leading mobile entertainment service in the region.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, S2M provides Mobile TV services to customers throughout the Middle East and North Africa.