S2M Technology

S2M's Technology Platform

S2M is deploying a hybrid satellite and terrestrial digital broadcasting platform to offer a unique Mobile TV service that will allow consumers to watch and listen to high-quality video and audio broadcasts via a personal mobile device throughout the region.

S2M's platform includes an S-band geostationary satellite operating in conjunction with a terrestrial repeater network. Such a platform provides for ubiquitous coverage and seamless roaming across national boundaries, while offering the ability to share costs between many countries.

How S2M's technology works (diagram)
  1. The Broadcasting Center packages and encrypts the content.
  2. The Broadcasting Center transmits the content via Ku-band to the satellite.
  3. The Satellite transmits the content to mobile devices, either, via S-band to mobile phones in line-of-sight, or via Ku-band to the gap filler network, which then transmits S-band signal to mobile devices not in line-of-sight.
  4. The GPRS/EDGE/3G Networks provide return path for billing, and interactive services like Pay per View, Video on Demand, Music on Demand and Gaming.